Bradlee Dean, The UberDouche.

Posted: June 1, 2011 in Uncategorized
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Yet another fundie shithead is making news headlines these days. Bradlee Dean, a bigoted and no doubt delusional radio host and flop christian “musician”, has recently been banned,  along with his entire congregation, from soliciting donations in Wal-Mart parking lots due to lying about their actual intentions both to Wal-Mart’s management and their customers.

I had actually never heard of Bradlee before coming across this article, but I have been  solicited for donations by his homophobic congregation outside of the St.Anthony Village  Walmart, 3 miles north of NE Minneapolis, MN.
They approached me under the guise of “suicide prevention”, and asked if I would be willing to make a donation to help “fight suicide”. I had just cashed my paycheck, but selfishly wanted to hold onto the money for as long as I possibly could. The phone bill was due soon, as was my car insurance. So I politely shook my head and kept on walking.
I felt kind of bad about it at the time, and actually considered going back and dropping a $5 in the money jar, but decided against it.
I’ve dealt with some major depression in the past, and at the height of my drinking days I had tried to off myself more than a few times. So it is only understandable that I felt a degree of sympathy for the “suicide prevention” pitch.

Now though, I’m glad I didn’t go back. And I’m extremely grateful that I didn’t give a penny of my hard-earned money to those lying homophobic imbeciles.
That someone would actually find it acceptable to ask for donations and lie about what they intend to use them for is a fucking slimy, low move. And I can’t help but wonder if even Backwoods Bradlee himself didn’t have an inkling that if he had presented his intentions honestly, very few people, if any, would have willingly given him money.

This is the same douchebag who repeatedly calls for the execution of homosexuals, on the premise that homosexuality is a “sin”, and also believes that the holocaust was caused by homosexuals themselves. I’m assuming that this idiot never even passed the fourth grade.
“You see, Bradlee, there were these guys called Nazis…….”

What I find most sickening about all of this is that this twatwaffle hasn’t been committed to a mental ward or thrown in jail. Nope, instead of receiving the psychiatric medication or euthanasia he so desperately needs, Bradlee is receiving endorsements from Michelle Bachmann,
and was invited to deliver the opening prayer at the MN House of Representatives. Let’s just say, he really fucked that one up.

Bradlee Dean is a prime example of the sheer stupidity of christian fundamentalists. They aren’t just “a little wacky”, they are a major threat to the lives and rights of Americans everywhere.

If we don’t stand up and fight off these rabid lunatics, they will surely usher in a new dark ages, a facist theocracy based on superstition and myth.

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