The Insanity Of Belief

Posted: May 30, 2011 in Uncategorized
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It is really quite disheartening that such a vast majority of Americans today continue to adamantly insist that 1. There is a “god”, and 2. That they are for sure not wrong about it this time, never mind the lack of convincing evidence offered to support their claims.

And what of the gods and goddesses of ancient civilizations? Why do today’s religious believers continue to deny the uncanny parallels between the “lives” of the ancient deities, now long accepted as purely mythological, and the stories of their own gods?

There is no such thing as “50th time is the charm” when concerning unfalsifiable claims. ( Unfalsifiable being that which cannot be logically proven or dis-proven.) I use the term “logically” because as we all know, the religious will go to greatly illogical and downright insane extremes in the hopes of confirming their assumptions, if only to themselves.

The myths they are so desperate to spreads as “truth” are undoubtedly very similar, and in many cases exactly the same as all the myths proceeding them. Since we can all see that the previous gods were not real, it should be obvious to everyone that the christian myths, which share the same basic premise and story line as all myths previous, and those of the other religious beliefs around today are all entirely false.

Returning to the problem of non falsifiability… People of religious faith are committing hateful crimes against those who do not share their absurd beliefs, attempting to pass legislation that would legalize discrimination against glbt individuals, minority groups, and women. (Sources included at the end of this post)
All of this proudly endorsed hatred against anyone who does not believe as they do, in the name of something that offers absolutely no empirical evidence for or against its existence and supposed intentions whatsoever.

For anything to even exist in the first place, it must be falsifiable (meaning that the thing in question, or aspects concerning it possess objective qualities that can be empirically proven one way or another.) Because “god” is not falsifiable, and has no objective attributes at all, it only makes sense to conclude that “god” DOES NOT EXIST.

What religious people are doing is attempting to condone hatred in the name of a non-entity that is even less likely to exist than Santa Claus or the boogeyman.
That is just pathetic.



Yet another molestation scandal.–Church-Sex-Abuse/

Christians against women:
Anti homosexual bullshit from the fundies themselves:

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Parallels between Jesus and other mythological figures.

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