Awash on the plague of imbecility.

Posted: May 25, 2011 in Uncategorized

It’s three o’ clock in the morning, when you are awoken by the sound of your bedroom door creaking open, followed by the shuffling of your daughter’s tiny feet. “Mom”, she says, “I don’t feel very well.” Images flash across your mind, could “god” be punishing her for throwing a fit at dinner earlier? Has she been cursed by the satanists who live next door? “Let’s pray together”, you reply.

Come morning, the sun is dragging itself out from the last dredges of the lonely night. You walk into your daughter’s room and are immediately hit by the pungent aroma of vomit. On the carpet in the corner of the room is a dark wet stain, the source of the smell. You see your daughter lying silently in her bed, breathing slowly, face pale and drenched with sweat. Inside your chest, your heart is aching with the pain of having to see her in such an unpleasant state. “Has she blasphemed the lord?” you wonder. Kneeling by the edge of her bed, hands clasped together, you pray aloud for her salvation.

Two days later, you’re making the arrangements for her funeral.


This story, while fictional, is but a glimpse at an overwhelming epidemic of medical child abuse amongst the christian community. Nobody in their right minds would consciously allow the prolonged suffering of their own children by neglecting to ensure that their needs are properly cared for. Herein lies the problem; these people are NOT in a healthy mental state. Brainwashed and deluded by their faith (believing without any evidence) that prayer and repentance are the only cures for illness, which in their minds are supposedly the case of committing a sin against their invisible sky deity. Nevermind those pesky things called germs.

Even more appalling is that this imbecilic and dangerous behavior not only mostly goes unpunished, but it is actually legal in America. The First Amendment “..prohibits any action by an American government which restricts “the free exercise of religion.” Which means that if you are a christian and your child is sick with a curable illness, you are legally permitted to facilitate the further suffering of your child by neglecting to take them to a medical doctor and instead seeking a “cure” through prayer.

As an adult, whether or not one chooses to seek medical care is ultimately up to the individual. But for children, who do not yet have the autonomy to decide for themselves, to be denied appropiate care, is appalling. Any parent who believes that they can pray away their kid’s illness deserves to be permanently locked up in a mental ward.

The problem at hand is by no means a simple “religious exemption”. It is legalized idiocy in one of the worst forms.


Various references:

A large collection of news articles related to medical child abuse at the hands of christians can be found here:

  1. Anton A. Hill says:

    Hey Anti,

    Great post and I totally agree. I have a very personal story quite related to this, which I’ll be publishing soon on and I’ve already posted your comment on Atheist Asshole and have linked to you. Keep on spreading the word, my friend!

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