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Yet another fundie shithead is making news headlines these days. Bradlee Dean, a bigoted and no doubt delusional radio host and flop christian “musician”, has recently been banned,  along with his entire congregation, from soliciting donations in Wal-Mart parking lots due to lying about their actual intentions both to Wal-Mart’s management and their customers.

I had actually never heard of Bradlee before coming across this article, but I have been  solicited for donations by his homophobic congregation outside of the St.Anthony Village  Walmart, 3 miles north of NE Minneapolis, MN.
They approached me under the guise of “suicide prevention”, and asked if I would be willing to make a donation to help “fight suicide”. I had just cashed my paycheck, but selfishly wanted to hold onto the money for as long as I possibly could. The phone bill was due soon, as was my car insurance. So I politely shook my head and kept on walking.
I felt kind of bad about it at the time, and actually considered going back and dropping a $5 in the money jar, but decided against it.
I’ve dealt with some major depression in the past, and at the height of my drinking days I had tried to off myself more than a few times. So it is only understandable that I felt a degree of sympathy for the “suicide prevention” pitch.

Now though, I’m glad I didn’t go back. And I’m extremely grateful that I didn’t give a penny of my hard-earned money to those lying homophobic imbeciles.
That someone would actually find it acceptable to ask for donations and lie about what they intend to use them for is a fucking slimy, low move. And I can’t help but wonder if even Backwoods Bradlee himself didn’t have an inkling that if he had presented his intentions honestly, very few people, if any, would have willingly given him money.

This is the same douchebag who repeatedly calls for the execution of homosexuals, on the premise that homosexuality is a “sin”, and also believes that the holocaust was caused by homosexuals themselves. I’m assuming that this idiot never even passed the fourth grade.
“You see, Bradlee, there were these guys called Nazis…….”

What I find most sickening about all of this is that this twatwaffle hasn’t been committed to a mental ward or thrown in jail. Nope, instead of receiving the psychiatric medication or euthanasia he so desperately needs, Bradlee is receiving endorsements from Michelle Bachmann,
and was invited to deliver the opening prayer at the MN House of Representatives. Let’s just say, he really fucked that one up.

Bradlee Dean is a prime example of the sheer stupidity of christian fundamentalists. They aren’t just “a little wacky”, they are a major threat to the lives and rights of Americans everywhere.

If we don’t stand up and fight off these rabid lunatics, they will surely usher in a new dark ages, a facist theocracy based on superstition and myth.

It is really quite disheartening that such a vast majority of Americans today continue to adamantly insist that 1. There is a “god”, and 2. That they are for sure not wrong about it this time, never mind the lack of convincing evidence offered to support their claims.

And what of the gods and goddesses of ancient civilizations? Why do today’s religious believers continue to deny the uncanny parallels between the “lives” of the ancient deities, now long accepted as purely mythological, and the stories of their own gods?

There is no such thing as “50th time is the charm” when concerning unfalsifiable claims. ( Unfalsifiable being that which cannot be logically proven or dis-proven.) I use the term “logically” because as we all know, the religious will go to greatly illogical and downright insane extremes in the hopes of confirming their assumptions, if only to themselves.

The myths they are so desperate to spreads as “truth” are undoubtedly very similar, and in many cases exactly the same as all the myths proceeding them. Since we can all see that the previous gods were not real, it should be obvious to everyone that the christian myths, which share the same basic premise and story line as all myths previous, and those of the other religious beliefs around today are all entirely false.

Returning to the problem of non falsifiability… People of religious faith are committing hateful crimes against those who do not share their absurd beliefs, attempting to pass legislation that would legalize discrimination against glbt individuals, minority groups, and women. (Sources included at the end of this post)
All of this proudly endorsed hatred against anyone who does not believe as they do, in the name of something that offers absolutely no empirical evidence for or against its existence and supposed intentions whatsoever.

For anything to even exist in the first place, it must be falsifiable (meaning that the thing in question, or aspects concerning it possess objective qualities that can be empirically proven one way or another.) Because “god” is not falsifiable, and has no objective attributes at all, it only makes sense to conclude that “god” DOES NOT EXIST.

What religious people are doing is attempting to condone hatred in the name of a non-entity that is even less likely to exist than Santa Claus or the boogeyman.
That is just pathetic.



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Parallels between Jesus and other mythological figures.

“23 Minutes In Hell” by Bill Wiese, seeks to show “hell” not as a desciption for a concept or general opinion of an experience, but as a real place, the ideal real estate for sinners who lived their lives against the absurd doctrines of the church.

I haven’t read the book in it’s entirety. There is a story behind the story that I never bothered to finish.

Around the time that I became aware of Wiese’s schizophrenic ideas, I was going through a hell of my own, the major difference between Wiese’s tale and mine being that I have hard proof of that time.

I was introduced to this abomination of literature by a now ex-friend who happened to be a raving lunatic christian. We had extreme differences of opinion on nearly everything, but he had his motive (to try to convert me to christianity) and I had mine (I could drink to
my liver’s demise, and he did and said hardly anything about it). That was how I rationalized our “friendship” at that time.

When the book finally arrived, he was ecstatic, going off on rants about how deserving un-believers are of their fate in the burning pits of hell. I half listened quietly, nodding every now and then while waiting for an opportunity to sneak a shot from the half empty bottle of whiskey in the kitchen downstairs.
I found it unbelievable that he took such an obvious delusional claim (that thouest must boweth downeth before thy god or suffereth in thy pits of hell) as an unquestionable truth. As children, nearly everyone in America has been told that they must behave, or risk losing a visit from Santa Claus come Christmas eve. But eventually we all grew out of it, one way or another. It continually amazes and puzzles me to no end that the religious amongst us have not come to that same realization. They still believe in Santa Claus, just under a different name.

He opens the book and begins to read. Basically, Wiese went to hell for 23 minutes, either starting or ending at around three am. Sounds like a plain old nightmare to me. My “friend” begins to preach about hell, the misery of not accepting jesus into your heart, that only “god” can ultimately solve one’s problems. I disagreed, and plainly told him that “everybody has their demons (metaphorical talk here), and it is up to the individual to exercise their free will and choice in order to find the most
appropriate way of moving forward.”
Well, he didn’t like that at all.
He turned towards me, raised his hand and brought it down
across my face. Yes, how dare I, a woman, speak the devil’s name in the presence of a fucking christian! I suppose the whole “jesus love you” spiel is only reserved for those who follow blindly into the rivers of idiocy.

I raise my fist to strike him back, he comes at me again and is this time joined by his half-wit viscious dog. At that point I just couldn’t be bothered to care. I sit back down and try to ignore that little voice in my head, telling me what an idiot I was to ever talk to this dirtbag in the first place.

He continues to read aloud from the book, and I let my thoughts carry me elsewhere, away from that tiny and mostly unfurnished room, away from the sunlight streaming in through the dirt encrusted windows, and most importantly, away from myself.


I was very hesitant to post this story. It brings back memories of a “me” that I am not proud of at all, somebody who was at that time too caught up in the whirlwind of their own sick opinions to think clearly.

But this was what happened to be on my mind. I am no longer that pathetic little girl and am proud to have moved on from that time. My hope is that anybody who reads this will be able to relate in some way, and that maybe they might derive some comfort from knowing that they are not alone in their struggles, whether they stem from the abusive mindset of christianity, or perhaps from a more existential angst, that we are ultimately condemned to choose for ourselves, and at times, that is a terrifying reality to have to face.

It’s three o’ clock in the morning, when you are awoken by the sound of your bedroom door creaking open, followed by the shuffling of your daughter’s tiny feet. “Mom”, she says, “I don’t feel very well.” Images flash across your mind, could “god” be punishing her for throwing a fit at dinner earlier? Has she been cursed by the satanists who live next door? “Let’s pray together”, you reply.

Come morning, the sun is dragging itself out from the last dredges of the lonely night. You walk into your daughter’s room and are immediately hit by the pungent aroma of vomit. On the carpet in the corner of the room is a dark wet stain, the source of the smell. You see your daughter lying silently in her bed, breathing slowly, face pale and drenched with sweat. Inside your chest, your heart is aching with the pain of having to see her in such an unpleasant state. “Has she blasphemed the lord?” you wonder. Kneeling by the edge of her bed, hands clasped together, you pray aloud for her salvation.

Two days later, you’re making the arrangements for her funeral.


This story, while fictional, is but a glimpse at an overwhelming epidemic of medical child abuse amongst the christian community. Nobody in their right minds would consciously allow the prolonged suffering of their own children by neglecting to ensure that their needs are properly cared for. Herein lies the problem; these people are NOT in a healthy mental state. Brainwashed and deluded by their faith (believing without any evidence) that prayer and repentance are the only cures for illness, which in their minds are supposedly the case of committing a sin against their invisible sky deity. Nevermind those pesky things called germs.

Even more appalling is that this imbecilic and dangerous behavior not only mostly goes unpunished, but it is actually legal in America. The First Amendment “..prohibits any action by an American government which restricts “the free exercise of religion.” Which means that if you are a christian and your child is sick with a curable illness, you are legally permitted to facilitate the further suffering of your child by neglecting to take them to a medical doctor and instead seeking a “cure” through prayer.

As an adult, whether or not one chooses to seek medical care is ultimately up to the individual. But for children, who do not yet have the autonomy to decide for themselves, to be denied appropiate care, is appalling. Any parent who believes that they can pray away their kid’s illness deserves to be permanently locked up in a mental ward.

The problem at hand is by no means a simple “religious exemption”. It is legalized idiocy in one of the worst forms.


Various references:

A large collection of news articles related to medical child abuse at the hands of christians can be found here:

Harold Camping, the senile “doomsday preacher” whose original prediction of the coming rapture on May 21, 2011 proved to be a dud, is back again with a new, equally insane “prophecy”.

His new claim is that his original interpretation was incorrect and that the world will end on October 21, 2011.

I am going to tell you now that he is once again mistaken. Hopefully you already knew that. Religious fundamentalists have been preaching doomsday sermons for eons,  the christians apparently forgetting to take into account the words of their own savior, Jesus Christ, who himself claimed not to know when he would be returning.

Here is an example of one of the earliest recorded doomsday predictions:

“About 30 CE: The Christian Scriptures (New Testament), when interpreted literally, appear to record many predictions by Yeshua of Nazareth (Jesus Christ) that God’s Kingdom would arrive within a very short period, or was actually in the process of arriving. For example, Jesus is recorded as saying in Matthew 16:28:…there shall be some standing here, which shall not taste of death, till they see the Son of Man coming in his kingdom.” In Matthew 24:34, Yeshua is recorded as saying: “…This generation shall not pass, till all these things be fulfilled.” Since the life expectancy in those days was little over 30 years, Jesus appears to have predicted his second coming sometime during the 1st century CE. It didn’t happen.”

For 2,000 years these people have been preaching doom and gloom, stalling any real cultural progress in the name of radical faith. We are now in the 21st century, and yet we continue to allow these absurd abominations of logic to take place on a large scale in our societies.

The time for a re-examination of ourselves is now. We need to realize that all these claims of rapture, the second coming, and faith based claims are a deadly  manifestation of irrational fear. A fear of death, of living a life that has no objective meaning, of suffering and pain. (The philosopher David Hume has some very intriguing thoughts on this  subject.)

It is up to us as individual human beings to choose what will have meaning for ourselves and our lives. And while that may come across as terrifying to some, it is ultimately more rewarding than living in fear of a god who does not exist, or following the claims of others who are equally as confused as the rest of us, but perhaps with the malicious intent of taking everybody down with them.

If a “rapture” or doomsday of any sort is ever to happen, it will ultimately be the result of a self fulfilling prophecy.  We as a society need to come to the realization that WE are the ones who choose how we will live our lives. So what will it be? Freedom from delusion, or a slow suicide in the name of a non-existent sky deity?

I already know what I’m fighting for.